Nurse Practitioner Interview Tips

Becoming a nurse practitioner needs years of training and additional years of education. But in the end of all that, the one thing that decides your faith in the career is the interview with a clinic or hospital. You possibly are one of the best NPs they could ever hire. But if you can’t handle an interview properly then all that skill amounts to naught. So here are a few interview tips and questions to help you out with your nurse practitioner interview.

Do Your Research

Find out about the organization as much as you can from other people and going online. An interview works both ways. They find out more about you as you find out more about them and the job. If you have done your fair share of research on them, that will show your interest in the job when they decide to ask a question about their firm. Try and see if the job is a correct for you before you accept it.

Groom Yourself

The first impression of a person is often the last one in an interview. Make it count. Wear a proper suit or a dress preferably with no wrinkles. It is important that you wear some formal attire to show the level of professionalism that you bring to the job. Try and avoid any makeup or gaudy accessories. Stand out because of your intellect, not a weird attire. Make sure your hair is tidy and you look fresh. Especially for the post of an NP, it is important that you show your level of enthusiasm since the job needs it.

This is extremely important for another reason. A person’s grooming sense often reflects on his or her sense of hygiene. A hospital or clinic cannot hire a medical professional who lacks a sense of hygiene. Ensure your nails are cut and your hair is kept neat and tidy. If you reach on time and exhibit punctuality, then this improves your chances of getting hired. Time is often of the essence in the medical world and thus it is important that each medical practitioner in that institution understands this.

Highlight Your Experience

Experience is extremely important in any medical field. When asked about your experience and education, make sure you show them that you are more experienced than the other candidates out there. If you aren’t, tell them about what you have learned in your previous jobs and how it helped you grow as a person. Set yourself apart from the other candidates and show them that you are special.

Know The Questions

One of the simplest tricks to ace an interview is to know the questions that the interviewers can ask. Some people may call it cheating, but it is actually being well prepared. Since you might fumble during an interview due to the pressure, it helps if you have already prepared for certain questions. Here are a few questions they might ask you –

  • What do you do if you are angry at your parents or friends?
  • What are your weaknesses as a nurse?
  • What do you understand by holistic care?
  • Why do you want to be a nurse practitioner?
  • How is an NP different from a PA?
  • Do you like it when people refer to an NP as a “mid-level-provider”? Why or Why not?
  • Why should we hire you?

Most of these questions are subjective but there is a certain way of answering them. You should think about such questions and practice for them. You should also look over some more questions and answers to help you prepare for the interview.

Now that you know the tips and tricks to an interview, all that’s left is to face it. So, go ahead, and do us proud!